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Welcome to Annie’s Place!

Brad & Calisa Hughes

Annie’s Place is owned and operated by Brad & Calisa Hughes.  Calisa fell in love with horses at the age of two.  It was a passion she just couldn’t seem to shake.  She began caring for a couple of Arabians, Happy and Nisa, in exchange for riding lessons in middle school.  This experience taught her about endless circles when a horse colics, about how to control a runaway horse when the dog spooks it, and the importance of caring for your tack.  Her eyes were opened not only to the joys of riding, but to the pleasures and pains of responsibility.

Calisa became a horse owner her freshman year of high school.  Fancy, a three-year-old Quarter Horse mare, was welcomed into the family.  Calisa and Fancy would spend the next 25 years together.

Calisa worked for several local horse farms throughout college, gaining more experience.  In addition, she rode for Western Carolina University’s Equestrian team.

Brad and Calisa met through a mutual employer.  Calisa had asked Brad for his help loading round rolls of hay onto a trailer in January of 2013.  He happily complied in exchange for riding lessons on Fancy.  Thirty-three months later, they were married at the Brown Farm in Weaverville, NC.

Brad & Calisa Hughes, owners of Fancy Farms, LLC and Annie's Place.

Brad and Calisa on their wedding day.

Brad, born and reared in Weaverville, teaches at the local community college and holds various positions in local emergency services.  He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Balsam Consulting Group, Inc.  While horses are not his first love, he is always there to offer a supporting hand (and strong back).  He has gained an appreciation for the responsibilities of horse ownership and farm life.

The Hughes want to provide a safe and relaxed environment for others to board their horses.  They also want both young and old to experience the hard work and rewards of horse ownership.

Annie’s Place is named in memory of Calisa’s grandmother, Barbara Ann Rigsbee, and great-grandmother, Edna Ann Mills.  These two ladies were an inspiration to her growing up.

Annie’s Place recommends that all riders wear a helmet, but adults over 18 years of age are given the freedom of choice.