Annie’s Place is focused on horsemanship.

We believe that every relationship requires a strong foundation. Becoming a good horseman involves more than just riding. We want to instill in every student these fundaments:  responsibility, core strength, and respect.

Annie’s Place staff strives to play a role in influencing the next generation of horsemen and women.  We want to impress on this generation the value of responsibility and the rewards of hard work.  Our lessons are focused on a ground-up approach.  It is important for students to under the horse as a whole.  We teach about feeding, healthcare, grooming, environment, tack, property handling in the pasture, on a lead, in a trailer, as well as a balanced and stable seat.

Horsemanship helps boost confidence and teaches leadership skills.  Working with horses, you develop listening skills and patience all the while learning to understand your own feelings and emotions, channeling stress, turning negatives into positives, and producing productive results.